Get Rich or Die Truckin' Case Study

Partnerships often arise when businesses realize they face a challenge they can’t overcome on their own. The same happened in 2020 when Get Rich or Die Trucking founder Damien Blackman. He launched a platform that was meant to introduce and attract people to the world of Trucking in Canada, where they were struggling to develop and adapt campaigns that can quickly create the necessary brand awareness with engagement.

But success — especially when building from the ground up — is not possible without having the best foundations in place. And one of the keys to the success of automation and digital marketing is the use of market research and market strategy to penetrate the product at the right time


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I needed a growth hacker to help me with a course I was launching and a friend recommended ReavR’s digital marketing service . I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away with not only the growth tactics they employed, but also the care and personal touch they put into my project! The growth squad model really helped us stay on track with our goals and I’m excited to work with them again in the future.

Damien Blackman
CEO and Founder, Get Rich or Die Trucking

Who is Get Rich or Die Trucking?

Industry: Automotive
Location: Toronto, Canada
Size: CAD $10 million+

Damien Blackman is an entrepreneur who works with other entrepreneurs to create and grow their businesses. He has more than 15 years of experience in the industry as a consultant, he successfully assisted startups in building successful businesses from the ground up since his consulting career started.

He believes that it’s not about mastering how to start these companies but connecting with people outside of industries that can help make them possible.

Get Rich or Die Trucking believes everyone should have an opportunity to be an entrepreneur and live out their dreams!


Generate More Enrollments for Get Rich or Die Trucking’s Dump Trucking Course


1. We started with getting all relevant information, scripts, target audience and completed the creation of the course with our highly engaging animated videos

3. While organic social media marketing and content was being worked on consistently, we started A/B testing facebook ads.

2. After rigorous analysis and testing, we revamped all landing pages, ad copies and created a solid content strategy aiming towards growth

3. While organic social media marketing and content was being worked on consistently, we started A/B testing facebook ads.

4. With our latest data, we finally improved CTA’s, copies and started scaling the ads and bringing in around 10 conversions/day.

Services Provided

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Persona and UX analysis
  • Full funnel analytics and journey tracking
  • Landing Page and Web Development
  • SEO
  • Audience hyper-targeting
  • Video content creation services
  • Animated Video Production Services


ReavR helped in the creation and launch of the course and achieve their 1-year targets in just 7 months

Through rapid full-funnel experimentation and optimization, understanding and narrowing buyer’s persona, we were able to scale up our campaigns

Our content strategies have helped in more than 400% growth on social media since launch.

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